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    "If you are always coming from a place of need and want, you will never get what you need, and never get what you want"


    Executive Director Entrepreneur's Lab Stockton California


    Beginning in August 2017, George Parrish begins a new Chapter to downtown Stockton as Executive Director of Business and Tech Incubator Entrepreneur's Lab. Entrepreneurs Lab is located in the Historic Belden Building on San Joaquin Street in downtown Stockton , and is supported by Huddle CoWorking Space, the City of Stockton, Ten Space Development and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. A team of Advisors featuring the Best and Brightest from San Francisco, the Silicon Valley and Stockton are slated to bring their world of experience in the StartUp space to assist local StartUps looking to get past the idea stage and break out into the world of commerce.

    The Incubator is a 21 week experience and after graduation, all the StartUps will be ready to launch.



    Why you should work with consultant George Parrish


    George Parrish is a professional business consultant that has worked with some of world's most promising startups. As a current board member on eight different startups in the Bay area, Parrish is known for his ability to examine a business market as well as identify successful business opportunities for startups first.

    Through his experience he has both build companies as well as sold companies and with his knowledge of startups across the tech industry, SMB, B2C, B2B and more markets he has changed the face of businesses and created successful futures for his clients.

    Whether you are interested in a radical new idea that could help your company to find success, implementing a commission plan for your team, working your business up to a point where it could be sold or simply interested in improving profitability George Parrish can provide the help you need.

    Not only is he extremely passionate about what he does but he believes in delivering education and outreach to clients as well as the public. He regularly provides public speaking and lecturer services across San Francisco on networking as well as some of his past experiences.

    If you are coming from a place of need or want in your business, George Parrish can work with you to identify a strategy that will help you to find greater levels of success within your industry. Learn how to pitch your business to investors, how to put together an effective pitch, how to build a brand and how you can work your way up the profitability scale within your industry.

    Through his experience George Parrish has worked with companies at every level of finance from Fortune 100, to 500 to even 1000. By providing solutions for startups and businesses at every level of the spectrum he can provide extremely effective leadership solutions that will ensure company longevity and improve profitability.

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    Video Podcast

    Doug Caldwell's CVBT Podcast, October, 2015 http://www.centralvalleybusinesstimes.com/stories/001/?ID=29270

    Steve Caldwell's Manager Mojo podcast

    Manager Mojo podcast, July 2015 http://caldy.me/GeorgeParrish

    Jenningswire Podcast May, 2015

    Interview, April 2015


    5 NetworkingTips .....How To Network

    Filmed for Tony Wilkins Internet TV show 2015  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUyjYBRf-PY

    ICBC SanFrancisco, CA

    Interviewed by Six Inch Films in San Francisco, CA February 2016 https://youtu.be/F-gsBkSJrlo



    Interviewed by Mark Andersen, Directed by Michaela Sulkova, ExProducer SVHouse.TV March 2016

  • What I Do


    Principal and Founder | http://www.facebook.com/consultantsgp

    I work with Startups, Businesses and Organizations from ideation to launch on all aspects of Startup business development and planning and funding.


    I have built companies and sold companies, I have built sales teams from scratch and guided them to success, implemented commission plans, sold tens of millions of dollars of enterprise software solutions to Fortune 100, 500 and 1,000, as well as sold business solutions into the SMB B2B and B2C markets.


    I currently sit on the Board of Advisors to 12 StartUps in the Bay Area, and am currently mentoring another group of StartUps helping them in the areas of Sales, Marketing and Business Development. As part of my core business, I advise many companies on How to Pitch to Investors, How to Put Together an Effective Pitch Deck, and help Speakers get to where they need to go in terms of message and brand.

    I am constantly interviewing Entepreneurs to see where they need to go to their next level of their personal and professional development as Entrepreneurs.


    I am a professional speaker on a wide variety of topics that affect the StartUp Vertical, Networking With Influencers, the Digital World, as well as act as a Business Angel andJudge at Pitch Events in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley.


    I absolutely love what I do.


    Public Speaking/Lecturer:

    Networking A-Z, Everything You'll Ever Need to Know About Networking

    NextSpace, SBA – San Francisco, Job Connections - Danville , Experience Unlimited, Professional Resource Network, SF StartUp Showcase Shark Tank, Society 3 Showcase, SJ Delta Community College, UC Davis Med Center, Sacramento State University and San Francisco State University.




    If you are not passionate about helping others, both personally and professionally, we are not going to see eye-to-eye about much in this life!


    Specialties: IP Issues, PITCH COACH-STARTUP SHOWCASE, Pitch Decks, Business Models, Website Development, Social Media, Business Development Consultant, Angel and VC Funding, Public Sector Sales, Branding. Healthcare, and Financial Services Software Sales.

  •  Who I Support

    Top Bay Area Business Leaders


    Eric Milliken



    Axel Schultz/Marita Roebkes

    -Society 3


    Tony Wilkins

    - Small Business Forum Radio


    Mark E. Sackett

    - Reflectur | msackett@reflectur.com

    - Art of Active Networking


    Manny Fernandez, CEO



    Catherine Yushina/Grace Leung Shing



    Jake Kuczeruk



    Steven Hook

    - Opes Advisors | thehook@opesadvisors.com


    Cesar Plata

    - EveryCircle.com


    Albert Qian

    - AQ Consulting | albert.qian@gmail.com



    - Cloud Based Construction Project Management



    - Find and Tag Motorbike Parking Spots


    Tie Society

    - Instant Access to Hundreds of Men's Furnishings



    - The Pet Recognition App

    Causes I Believe In



    I believe in these causes, and I'd like you to check them out too.

    • FlipCause - On Demand Fundraising Technology for NonProfits

    • Cojoy Media - TryOnApps For Mobile Shopping & Virtual Fit Platform

    • NotAnotherOne - Product Creators and Inventors

    • Tinsel.me - Audio Necklace that Sounds as Good As It Looks

    • GetBrightDay - HangOver Cure

    • FlipSnap.me - Augmented Reality Video App

    • ReBrandly - Your Brand On Your Links

    • JoeyTravel - Concierges On Standby

    • AltiSales - Virtual Sales Teams

    • OutDoorsie - Health Alignment for All Employees

    • OmiusTech - "Smart" clothing

    • TownHall - Questionnaires made easy

    • GeoZilla - Family Locator


    Connect with me on my social media channels. 




    Connect with me on my social media channels. 

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